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Russian children and youth theater „Žaliasis žibintas“


The Russian Children and Youth Theater “Žaliasis žibintas“ (eng. Green Lantern) – the member of Vilnius cultural center was established in 1992.

The founder and head of the theater – Zoja Radzivilova. In 1986, she graduated from the Academy of Drama of the Academy of Culture of St. Petersburg.

The main goal of the theater is the spiritual education of children and young people, aesthetic education, creative studying, revival and fostering of Russian and other cultural traditions, and the rapprochement of Lithuanian and Russian cultures.

The amateur theater “Žaliasis žibintas” is known not only in Vilnius but also in other cities of Lithuania. This is the only Russian amateur theater of this kind in Lithuania, which honestly represents Russian culture of Lithuania not only in the country but also abroad.

During the years of its existence the theater created a number of cultural programs and projects: performances, various festivals, literary programs for children, adolescents and young people.

Best performances: “Return” about S. Nėris’ creative work and life; “My sister dummies” according to H. K. Andersen’s fairy tale; “Snow Queen”; “Liubvy vse vozrosty pokorny” according to A. Pushkin’s novel “Eugene Onegin”; Buratino’s Adventures; “Snow White” by A. Ostrovskaja play “Woe from gentle heart” by V. Sologub the play “Uncle’s Dream” by Dostoevsky’s short story, S. Zlotnikovo play “Vienešų Waltz,” a fairy tale for children “Kriblė, krable, bums and Etc.

The theater “Žaliasis žibintas” is actively involved in international theatrical festivals (Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Germany, Hungary, Russia).

The members of the theater participate and organize international amateur theater festivals “Vilniaus rampa”.

Over the entire period of the theater, more than 200 young people played in the theater. Many of them say it was one of the most beautiful experiences of youth. And some of them became professional actors and actors.

The theater is continually conducting actor’s skills, children’s theater studio and youth groups.