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Vilnius celebrates 695th birthday

Today, Vilnius is 695 years old!

According to historians, on this day in 1323 Vilnius was first mentioned by the letter of the Grand Duke Gediminas to the cities of Western Europe.

The capital’s municipality has prepared a lot of surprises for the residents of Vilnius and the city: from early morning until evening, the divorce of gifts will take place in different areas of Vilnius, 695 birthday candles will be blown up on Vilnius Street at one time, A birthday cake will be awarded to the municipality, in particular newborns born today and newlyweds will be rewarded, every pupil and kindergarten will learn about Vilnius birthday, Gediminas’ Letter Exposition and educational events, history lessons about Vilnius, St. Christopher’s awards at the Town Hall, hospitably meet arriving in Vilnius and many other fun surprises.