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Folk ensemble „Jorė“


The folk ensemble “Jorė” – the member of the Vilnius Cultural Center was founded in 1988.

 The „Jorė“ team fosters the ideas and traditions of the old culture. Since 1991, “Jorė” has reborn. Her ranks are supplemented by new members, most of whom are still actively involved in the ensemble.

The collective has prepared all programs of ritual songs and cats (Advent, Shrovetide, Spring, Summer cycles). The most impressive and updated every day – for the Day of the Dead and the Mother. In the repertoire – a lot of dances and games from all regions of Lithuania. Also, “Jorė” keeps a collection of wind instruments (lobes, sequins, horns, horns, tufts, bagpipes, birbyns, etc.). The traditional chapel features violins, basset, cymbals, various types of accordions. The repertoire of the collective also found a place for romances. Romance programs are constantly updated.

The band is actively performing in Lithuania. Every year „Jorė“ participates in the traditional festival “Skamba skamba kankliai”, “Baltica”, song festivals and other international festivals in Lithuania and events in Vilnius.

Each year the band performs from 20 to 30 and more times, actively participates in television programs (Good Eyes, “The Honor of the Country”).

The activities of “Jorė” are developed not only in Lithuania but also abroad, because the ensemble participated in more than one international folklore festival in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Minsk, Germany, Finland, Holland, France, Germany and other countries.