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“City romance and carnival” – exhibition of paintings of E. Martinaitytė and R. Fabijonavičienė – members of Art studio “Paletė”

Lithuanian Theater, Music and Cinema Museum 2nd floor


“City romance and carnival”

The museum presents paintings of the members of the Art Studio “Paletė” – a member of Vilnius Center of Culture:

Rūta Fabijonavičienė and Eugenija Martinaitytė,
which represent different occupations and different life experiences.

Author’s painting, color gamma, stroke intensity and expression
reflect their inner harmony, culture of thought and individuality of self-expression.
The exhibition presents works created in different periods.

R. Fabijonavičienė’s paintings are glamorous, painted with energetic strokes,
dominated by masks, carnival and urbonistic themes.

E. Martinaite’s painting is restrained, predominantly muted colors.
The artist has cropped many pictures of Vilnius city,
his architecture, especially in Žvėrynas district.

The exhibition will be open until August 26th.