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A unique event – 3D “The Story of the Birth of Jesus Christ“!

From December 25, on the facade of the Vilnius Cathedral, we will once again see the Christmas fairy tale which Vilnius residents and city guests like so much. The Christmas 3D fairy tale, without which Christmas s unimaginable in the capital, this year will distinctively tell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. As in previous years, Vilnius residents themselves have chosen the fairy tale in the social network by voting. Until December 29th, the fairy tale “The Story of the Birth of Jesus Christ“ will be shown even four times every evening – at 17.05, 18.15, 20.05 and 20.45 o‘clock (duration – 15 minutes).

The team of 10 people who created the project paid much attention to the various details of the Vilnius Cathedral, which reveal its architectural uniqueness. The number of biblical characters is also very significant – there will be some massive scenes in the 3D fairy tale. These scenes tried to realistically reflect gestures of characters, elements of clothing, and attributes of that time. The creative and production process took about 3 months. The big and rather witty challenge is to sound various animals. The thrilling and dramatic musical track for the fairy tale was created by composer Vygintas Kisevičius with the team.

The event will fascinate both adults and children – powerful video projectors and lights will create a unique atmosphere with impressive color and sound effects. The special and unique event attracts over 120,000 spectators to the Cathedral Square annually.