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Vilnius is creating a new New Year’s Eve tradition

A crowd fascinated by 3D sight is counting moments up to the New Year, twelve beats, the kissing couples, the fireworks of the year – and that’s not all that Vilnius has prepared for the 2019 party.

In Vilnius, as well as in other major capitals of the world, where people will traditionally gather at the buildings that have become the symbols of the countries, such as the Westminster Clock Tower in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Times Square in New York, or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, thousands of people will meet New Year’s Eve at the Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral. This year the crowd will enjoy exclusive spectacle – a unique 3D video projection installation on the Bell Tower, which will help restore and transform the entire architectural structure of the building. Spectators will be amazed by the lighting of the Bell Tower building, surround sound and exceptional animation with a short storyline.

The Bell Tower will revive from 22.00 o‘clock and will be “alive“ until 01:00 o‘clock. It will shine in a wide range of colors, have different shapes and impressive textures – it will become a large wooden and later stone tower. The stunning transformations of the Bell Tower building will change every 5 minutes. The video installation will be accompanied by a mysterious music track with various sound effects.

From 23.50 o‘clock, the animated character will appear – a watchmaker who will turn on the counting of the time remaining until the new year of 2019. At midnight, counting will become the clock beats of the Bell Tower announcing the New Year, and this will be crowned with multicolored New Year’s fireworks.

On the eve of the New Year and up to 24 o‘clock, the Christmas Town on the Cathedral Square will be open, which will offer festive delicacies and hot wine.

Entertainment will last until 01:00 o‘clock. Later the Bell Tower will light up in the colors of a tricolor flag and will light up until January 2, symbolically commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Lithuanian tricolor lift on the Gediminas Castle Tower.

Vilnius invites you to meet the year 2019 at the Cathedral Square and not miss an exclusive sight!